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Health and safety policy

At AES, our QHSE vision is clear: to conduct our work with absolute respect for people, the environment, and assets. We take pride in adhering to international standards and Client requirements, while promoting a QHSE culture that encourages communication and participation at every level. Our commitment to continuous improvement ensures that our QHSE processes are constantly evolving, keeping pace with the changing needs of our clients and the industry. We believe that a strong QHSE focus is essential to our success, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality, health, safety, and environmental responsibility in everything we do.

Service Quality Policy

One of Al Nasr Energy Services Business fundamentals is to deliver products and services meet or exceed our customers’ expectations, requirements and objectives while complying with legal, international, national, customer and other applicable standards and requirements. At (AES) every employee should be motivated by a constant quest for excellence in order to provide best-in-class Service Quality at all times.

✓  Competent Resources: Providing certified and fully operational assets as well as motivated, trained, competent and experienced personnel to our customers.
✓  Operating Standards and Processes: Developing and implementing workflows to cover all aspects of our operations cycle and ensuring procedural adherence of the same.
✓ Operational Excellence: Executing flawlessly to always meet and exceed customer’s objectives; ensuring operational risks are properly managed with actions to reduce residual risks to negligible levels; and recognizing outstanding performance.
✓ Auditing and Continuous Improvement: Regularly assessing our performance; the effectiveness of our quality processes and our compliance levels, and taking appropriate actions to continuously improve our solutions, products and services.

All AES employees and contractors are accountable to ensure compliance with this policy. We will review this policy regularly to ensure that it still reflects our strong commitment and focus on Service Quality.

Drug And Alcohol Policy

AES is committed to promoting the health, safety and wellness of its Employees, Contractors and the public. AES recognizes and accepts the responsibility to provide Employees with a safe, healthy and productive work environment. Employees have the responsibility to report to work capable of performing their tasks productively and safely. Being Unfit for Duty or under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol can have serious adverse impacts on the workplace. Workplace accidents resulting from Impairment can also result in liability under workplace safety legislation, and corporate and personal liability under the Criminal Code. AES has established a comprehensive set of Drug and Alcohol Policy Guidelines which shall be read in conjunction with and as a supplement to this Drug and Alcohol Policy.

✓  Consuming or being under the influence of Drugs or Alcohol.
✓  Possessing, distributing, offering or selling Drugs, Drug paraphernalia or Alcohol.
✓  Being Unfit for Duty as a result of consuming or improperly using any Medication.
✓  Possessing prescription Medication without a legally obtained prescription.
✓  Distributing, offering or selling prescription Medication.

AES has established this Policy in order to balance our respect for individuals with the need to maintain a safe work environment. Violations of this Policy will result in disciplinary action up to and potentially including termination of employment or termination of services.

Mohammed Sabr Al Waheibi
Chairman and CEO